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0.1mm*0.5mm A1 Kanthal Ribbon Wire




Available in different lengths .

All wrapped on a plastic spindle to avoid kinks and all come in their own keep safe baggy to keep everything nice and tidy.

There are thousands of videos on youtube which can show and help you with all your rebuilding needs. If you are inexperienced please view these before attempting rebuilds.

Heat resistance - Up to 1400°C (2600°F) with a melting point of 1600°C

Other Available diameters and products:

0.15mm - 150Micron or 34AWG
0.2mm - 200Micron or 32AWG
0.3mm - 300 Micron or 28AWG
A1 Kanthal Ribbon Wire 0.1mm*0.5mm
Silica Wick 1mm
Silica Wick 2mm
Silica Wick 3mm
EkoWool 2mm
EkoWool 3mm
Hollow Ekowool 3mm


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