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VIOLENCE COILS 7 in 1 Set by Demon Killer



Demon Killer Pre-built Violence Coil 7 in 1 Set ORIGINAL FROM DEMON KILLER WITH CHECK CODE.

After the demon coil amazing collection comes the upgrade the VIOLENCE COILS

Demon Killer VIOLENCE COIL SET Includes 7 different types for a total of 28-pack coils. These are serious monster coils if you want some cloud throwing madness look no further the set includes the below


4x - Alien V2 Coils - 0.25 Ohm
4x - Tsuka Coils - 0.25 Ohm
4x - Clapception Coils - 0.35 Ohm
4x - Framed Clapton Coils - 0.26 Ohm
4x - Tri-twisted Clapton Coils - 0.35 Ohm
4x - Spaced Clapton Coils - 0.35 Ohm
4x - Staple Staggered Fused Coils - 0.30 Ohm

All in there own little compartments (like photo) with a handy T shaped screwdriver for your decks!


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