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Frozen Forest (Forest Fruits Menthol) Flavour E liquid - SHOT RANGE

A mixture of lush Forest Fruits with a cooling menthol edge perfect for all ice / menthol fans perfect for all you Zeus Juice Fanatics.



A mixture of lush Forest Fruits with a cooling menthol edge perfect for all ice / menthol fans perfect for all you Zeus Juice Fanatics.

Shot Range Explained

UK law has made bottles over 10ml containing nicotine illegal!

We all loved bigger bottles and you can still have them with  our 3 Step Short Fill Nicotine Shot Range. Our 3 Step Nicotine Shot Range is easy and cheap, simply buy 0mg Eliquid and select which nicotine shot you would like, if you usually vape 6mg choose the 6mg nicotine shot, SIMPLES!

You will be sent 2 bottles, one with the premixed 0mg flavour and base premixed and one smaller nicotine shot bottle to make your eliquid the strength you want.

What makes us different
Its all measured out for you, no more worrying about how much nicotine to add to get 1.5mg, 3mg or 6mg and your nicotine shot is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Not only this but we add extra flavour to the base liquid so you dont end up diluting your flavour. ( No one else does this or makes you aware you are usually diluting your flavours with shots)

Please note your nicotine shot will always be 18mg but will give you the strength you have selected once its combined, its all pre measured for you.

Receive and unpackage your 2 bottles (one large nicotine free bottle and one 10ml bottle containing the appropriate pre measured Nicotine shot)

Remove the lid and nozzle from the large bottle and pour ALL the 10ml bottles contents into the larger bottle.

Apply nozel and lid to your mixed bottle and Shake! That’s it!

Nicotine Salts?

What Is Salt Nicotine?

Nicotine salts are the same to look at and vape as standard eliquid they are not a solid salt in any way shape or form. Nicotine Salts have a added compound which helps the nicotine enter the blood stream quicker and reduces throat hit, If you like to feel your throat hit a standard juice would be better, if you struggle with throat hit, generally on stronger liquids then Nic Salts are a good way to go!

50/50 or Max VG?

50/50 or Max VG?

These are the base of your liquid 50/50 means the base is 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerine. Max VG comes out at about 80% vegetable glycerine and 20% vegetable glycerine as flavouring are almost always PG based.

Been told you need MAX VG by the guy puffing huge clouds on the street corner as VG is so much better? We have heard this a lot in the trade but this is not necessarily true.

PG’s main job in eliquid is to carry flavour, it’s thinner than VG which means that flavours mix into it better than VG, allowing for stronger flavours at the same ratios therefore PG liquids will taste stronger, unfortunately it’s harsher on the throat than VG so a mix is preferable to most. Some high power devices also require thicker juice but a 50/50 should be ok in 99% of instances

In short

PG is great for

Throat hit

VG is great for

Thickening Juices
Softer throat hit


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